Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Summer Beach Trends

Blake here! Hope all have been well! Now that I have quite a bit more free time & I am freshly relaxed from a short Eastern Washington vacay, I have a few beach trends to share! I wish I would have done a little more planning for my trip and picked up some of these things, but you live and learn! If you’re going out of town on some wonderfully extravagant trip or just to the beach for a day, these are some things you may want to pack.

Now, I have a serious love for Bridget Bardot’s summer style & I’m using her beauty for my beachy inspiration today.

Big Floppy Hats are not only stylish; they protect your delicate skin from the sun. Of course, pairing with sunscreen! Not to mention, this cute light colored bathing suit that accentuates your glowing tan!

Thick head bands! These are amazing if you’re somewhere windy, they look cute & effortless while keeping your hair out of your mouth & eyes. Plus, if you do a little bouffant with it, you can avoid that sun burn you get on your part (which is never fun!).

Braids are probably the most practical and easy beach hair. French braids are great if you’re doing a lot of activities, and slightly undone side braids if you just want to capture that beautiful summer look.

Have a wonderful day & enjoy the sun (hopefully, if you live in Seattle!)


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