Sunday, July 24, 2011

Nordstrom Designer Preview Pictures

Ok, what a fun evening. This show was beautiful in every way and I am so excited to show you some behind the scene shots as well as some beautiful runway shots that were taken by Vivian Hsu. I'll keep the words short on this post just so you can look at all the pretty pictures! Enjoy!

{Behind the Scenes...}

{Lining up}


{Runway shots courtesy of Vivian Hsu}

Enjoy your Sunday!!!


Thursday, July 21, 2011

Nordstrom Fall Preview 2011

Fitting that today in Seattle the weather is most definitely fall. Seattle by far, is the coldest place in the country. Lucky us :) However, I am so excited because this afternoon we will arrive at Pier 91 to do some amazing hair for the annual Nordstrom Fall Preview Show in Seattle. It is the best done show in the NW by far. Come back later this week to see us behind the scenes  as well as shots from the runway!

Enjoy your day!!!!


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Summer Beach Trends

Blake here! Hope all have been well! Now that I have quite a bit more free time & I am freshly relaxed from a short Eastern Washington vacay, I have a few beach trends to share! I wish I would have done a little more planning for my trip and picked up some of these things, but you live and learn! If you’re going out of town on some wonderfully extravagant trip or just to the beach for a day, these are some things you may want to pack.

Now, I have a serious love for Bridget Bardot’s summer style & I’m using her beauty for my beachy inspiration today.

Big Floppy Hats are not only stylish; they protect your delicate skin from the sun. Of course, pairing with sunscreen! Not to mention, this cute light colored bathing suit that accentuates your glowing tan!

Thick head bands! These are amazing if you’re somewhere windy, they look cute & effortless while keeping your hair out of your mouth & eyes. Plus, if you do a little bouffant with it, you can avoid that sun burn you get on your part (which is never fun!).

Braids are probably the most practical and easy beach hair. French braids are great if you’re doing a lot of activities, and slightly undone side braids if you just want to capture that beautiful summer look.

Have a wonderful day & enjoy the sun (hopefully, if you live in Seattle!)


Friday, July 15, 2011

Fringe is Baaaaaack!

The quickest way to give your hairstyle a quick revamp is....Drumroll please....A fringe! Fringes come and go with the wind. You grow them out and the next year you cut them back, but always slightly different :). That's the beauty of today, gone tomorrow! Lucky for us they are back and pretty strong with a little whimsy. Here are some great examples of the latest and greatest.

This look can work on almost any hair length.

This can even work with bobs. Love this pic!

{Please, if  you've never had bangs or fringe before, have your
hairstylist tailor this look to suit your face shape! Very important!}

Have a wonderful day!


Thursday, July 14, 2011

Creative Team Workshops

Lindsay, Antonio and I had the great pleasure of spending 3 days at the Sassoon Academy in Santa Monica, CA., this past March. We learned one of their current collections titled Tribe Autumn Winter 2011. It was a perfect mix of short, mid-length and long hair with geometry as a focal point for each cut. Something for everyone. The colors were vibrant and beautiful. The common theme with the color was color graduation. A pretty blending effect that was meant to be noticed.

We brought back inspiration and techniques from our time down in Santa Monica and held two creative workshops for our salon. Here are some snap shots from both of these classes. Many thanks to Candice Cusack for taking the time to be at both classes and take these fabulous pictures.

During the workshop the action...

Blair's final look.

Jacqueline's pre-lightened hair to reflect the color graduating effect.
I know, a little neapolitan ice cream action!

Jacqueline's final result

Rachael's final look!

Love the hidden blue in the fringe area below.

Rene's Final look

Hannah's hair during the workshop.

and last but not least...
This little guy Andy, who we all fell in love with as he snoozed thru class :)

{all photos courtesy of Candice Cusack}

We had a great time teaching both of these workshops as well as attending them back in March.
We hopefully inspired and piqued a few stylists creative sides.

Have a wonderful day!!!

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