Wednesday, September 29, 2010

To Shampoo or Not to Shampoo?

Recently, I have been getting the, "Should I be shampooing my hair everyday?, Every other day?, Once a week???"...So, here are my thoughts on this subject.

~How often you shampoo or don't is different for everyone. You included. Some people who have oily skin probably need to shampoo once a day to once every other day. I definitely fall into this category. I have oily skin everywhere. I HAVE to shampoo my hair, at the very least, every other day. Sometimes I get on kicks where I will shampoo everyday but not always.

~Some people fall into the "You can shampoo every other day to every 3rd or 4th day". I won't even tell you what my hair would look like if I waited that long. Let's just say that I could solve the worlds "oil" problems all by myself :).

~Some people can shampoo once a week and you probably would never notice. they usually have very dry skin every where and have very curly hair.

~I do not buy into the, "You can train your skin/scalp into not producing as much oil if you don't shampoo everyday". You can't go in and regulate your oil production. I wish I could. Believe me!

~There are products designed to help you go an extra day or two.. They are called, "Dry Shampoos". The best one that I have found that is inexpensive, is called, "Psssst". Bartel's carries this particular brand. It has a pleasant smell and is very easy to use. You want to make sure that you direct the product at the roots of your hair so that the dry shampoo can absorb excess oils and debris.

~Now, if your hair is matted to your scalp all the time, you may not be...1.Getting the shampoo down to your scalp. 2. You have product build up.  3.You aren't shampooing thoroughly enough. 4. You're applying conditioner on your scalp and are not rinsing it out well enough.

~If the above sounds like you then the best way to remove excess oil or products, is to use a clarifying shampoo and apply a large amount to dry hair, at the scalp, BEFORE you get in the shower or wet your hair. Sometimes the water can interfere with the shampoo's ability to do it's job.

(Disclaimer...If you color your hair, check with your stylist before using any type of Clarifying shampoo.)

~The flip side is that there are people who shampoo everyday that probably shouldn't. If your hair isn't matted to the top of your head with oil when you wake up in the morning, you can probably go an extra day.

~The best thing to do when you have normal scalp conditions, is to shampoo your hair one day and then, day two, RINSE your hair, and run conditioner through your ends. This will help to keep some necessary oils in the hair and also, this is better for your color.

~Not shampooing everyday does help with the prevention of color fading. If you color your hair any shade of red, the less you shampoo the longer your color will stay vibrant.

~Not shampooing everyday also helps eliminate frizz that occurs after shampooing. Some people find that they like their hair much better the second day because the frizz has left the building. :)

~ There are people that fall into this category. (lucky) You probably only need to shampoo your hair every 3rd to 5th day.

~I think that is great as long as your scalp doesn't get smelly. Your color's vibrancy will probably last much longer than the average color that is shampooed regularly.

~Most African American people will fall into this category. When you shampoo make sure that you use heavy conditioners to keep hair from being brittle.

~You can also use leave-in-conditioners, on your hair. Then style as normal.

 On a side note...I will be heading to New Orleans this coming Saturday with one of my best friends, Rebecca! Very excited to take a break and take in all the scenery and food that New Orleans has to offer. I won't be posting very much for about the next week. However, I have some fun posts in store for everyone who reads this blog :) So keep coming back and I'll be sure to keep you informed and entertained! :) Thank you to all who read and follow my blog! You guys rock!!! 



  1. Love this column!! I had no idea you should use shampoo on dry scalp. I thought the opposite. Ok - are there sulphur-free clarifying shampoos for colored hair?

  2. Very helpful, and much better than the generic "don't shampoo too much" that the magazines always say!

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  4. @Mary...People with dry scalps should only shampoo when necessary. It's just to clean the scalp and slough off dead skin cells :)
    I'm not sure about the Sulfate free clarifying shampoos. I'll see what i can come up with.

    @Mama...Love you!

    @Oasis...Love the website, and very true :) Thanks for that!


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