Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Big Day/Night Part II

Here's a few more behind the scene photos.
Masumi putting final touches on her model.

Lindsay's model

Me and Lindsay :) 

Lindsay and Evan right before show time being the goofs they are!

The table with all the braids, nets, hairspray, bobby pins and scissors, ready to go!

Here's what the runway looked like. A big black horseshoe.
Our SEVEN logo in the background.

Tommy from Zebra Club going out first to help introduce the show.

Here are some of his helpers :)

I think I may have to steal him why no one is watching.

And him too...They are just too precious!

Now it is Lindsay's and my turn to walk the runway and talk a little about the Creative Team.

Here's a pic of our shoes because you know you were wondering!!!

Lindsay and I gave a nice little speech before hand and we didn't fall or do anything super embarrassing in front of all those people! Whew!

Now onto the show itself. Thanks Madeline Martin (independent) and Danielle Bortone-Holt from Brick House Photography for taking the pictures and lending them to me!

Courtesy of Brick House Photography

We started the evening off with our beautiful city, SEATTLE. Hence the umbrellas and sun glasses. One can never be overly prepared.

Here's a moving shot.

Next up was TOKYO.

Masumi doing an excellent job of being one of our Tokyo girls last minute.

Courtesy of Brick House Photography

 Then we have NEW YORK!!! I wish you could see the back ground effects on the screens! Sean out did himself huge!!! Not to mention the music was amazing! Big Props to Sean all the way around!!!

You can see we were using super long double rope braids connected by caramel leather strips.

Courtesy of Brick House Photography

Allegra representing LONDON Proud!

Courtesy of Brick House Photography

Two of our male models.

Love her hair!!! We didn't even have to do anything to it! 

Paris!!! My favorite out of the 5. Netting over the face and braided caps up top to create an elegant look.

Courtesy of Brick House Photography

Different models and different angles. So pretty!!! Love the matte red lip!

Let's not forget the break dancers that we had in scenes Tokyo and London! They were awesome!
Courtesy of Brick House Photography

After the big show, we all went to a local restaurant, Pearl, and had a much deserved drink and pat on the back!
Here are some shots at the after party!!!

Rebecca, one of my dearest friends, who applied the spiders to my eyelashes! :)

Some of my co workers and best friends!

Me and Kendra Todd who was our wonderful MC for the evening. Thanks Kendra!!!

All in all, I am extermely proud and appreciative of the Creative Team!!! Fabulous job and here's to next year!!! :)

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