Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Slip Braid Chignon

This is a braid chignon that I did almost 2 years ago for Daily Candy, Seattle. This is for gals with very long hair that would like to be able to put their hair up themselves and have some interest going on. You can be as messy or neat with this look as you want. Perfect for a night out or an elegant but polished wedding do. Here is a step by step tutorial! Have fun and don't take it too seriously. :)

Here are the tools you will need... Medium hold hairspray, boost spray, back brushing brush, bobby pins, hair pins, bungee and not pictured; an elastic.

Start with blow drying your hair with boost spray to help give you a little control over your hair.
Once the hair is completely dry, in your crown area, section off 1 inch subsections and back brush closely to the scalp to create shape in the crown area.

Spray each section with a light mist of hair spray then gently back brush at scalp. Back brush your 1 inch sections until you get just past your crown. About 4 inches worth of sectioning.

Lightly brush over the whole back brushed section to create smoothness in the crown.

Next take your bungee and wrap around to create a tight ponytail. Bungees are wonderful for creating tight ponytails without having to deal with an elastic or rubber band. Less bubbles and neater outcome.

Bungee should be secure and nice and tight.

Next, curl your ponytail lightly. This doesn't have to be perfect. You want to have some bend or wave in your ponytail. You'll see why soon. :)

Once you have curled your tail then you want to braid the tail in a simple 3 strand braid. Make sure the braid is not too tightly braided.

Next is where the fun happens! :) You will want to pull out a floss size piece of hair from the bottom of the braid...

and slide the braid up towards the head just like below...

It will get a little messy, but that is ok :) This is why you want to curl your tail. It prevents straight unruly hairs from poking out.

You will want to take an elastic and secure the bottom of the braid after you slide it up.


Once the elastic is secured, you can then take the braid and start to wrap it around the base of the ponytail.

As you are wrapping, pin as you go so that you secure the braid to your head.

And keep pinning...You can use hair pins as well to help secure your bobby pins.

Here is your final look!!!


Have fun and don't beat yourself up if you don't get it on the first try. This look can definitely be done in a messy editorial fashion as well. If you need, you can also use an elastic instead of a bungee. 

You can pick bungees up at your local Sally Beauty Supply or, my favorite, Ricky's of NYC. They are available in 3 colors...Brown, Black and Blonde.


  1. Love it! Tho my hair isn't long enough. :( Can't wait to see the next style how-to!

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