Wednesday, September 15, 2010

10 Tips for Great Hair

1. Try to stay clear of plastic-bristle brushes. Mason Pearson's work best. For finer hair use the "Junior" and for thicker hair use the "Popular". Both the "Junior" and the "Popular" are nylon/boar bristle mixes.

2. Brush before each shampoo. A few gentle strokes on dry hair and scalp will help remove product buildup and dry flaking, as well as stimulate circulation (which delivers nutrients like oxygen) to hair follicles. This promotes healthy growth.

3. Know your water. If your hair looks dull or is hard to style, the problem could be your tap water. If your water is too hard or soft you can switch out your shower head for the filter kind. Jonathan Antin makes one that Sephora carries.

4. Get your hair cut regularly. If you want to maintain your style, trim every 6 weeks. If you are trying to grow, trim every 8-10 weeks. If you have split ends, you need a haircut!!!

5. Handle wet hair with TLC. It stretches and snaps more easily than dry hair does, so handle with care. The "Detangler" Mason Pearson brush does the trick.

6. Deep condition once every two weeks. Leave on for recommended time. Around 20 minutes then rinse well.

7. Try an ionic dryer. Ions are atoms with a positive or negative charge. These particular hair-dryers bathe your hair in negative ions, which help break up water molecules faster and cancel out hair-damaging positive ions.

8. Use your dryer's directional nozzle. Always blowdry down the hair shaft (scalp to ends) to close the cuticle and to promote shine. This will help you avoid fly aways and frizz.

9. For curls, use a diffuser attachment to gently surround your hair with air. Don't move the diffuser around too much. The less you move the hair around the less frizz you will have.

10. If you use a flat iron or curling iron, make sure that they are professional grade and ceramic. Try GHD or CHI Irons.

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