Saturday, October 30, 2010

Hallow's Eve

This might be a long post of pictures, so bear with me...Today at the salon, we had the option of dressing up for Halloween which everyone was pretty excited about. Leave it to us super creative hairstylists to have fun with costumes and makeup. I will warn you that there are a few pictures that are NOT for the faint of heart or those who have a sensitive gag reflex...Proceed with caution.  (You've been warned...HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA...)

Me and Shelli!

Doing what we do best...Witching :)

Naked Ken Doll

Witchy legs

Bah Hum Bug!

Peg Bundy

Queen of Hearts


Where's Waldo?

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Crazy eyelashes

Ken Doll and Barbie

Alice and Wonderland and Ken Doll

DJ Snazzy Bles

Pretty Peacock

DJ at work

Cutie Pie Doll

Rick Flames

Mary Kate Olsen

Donald Duck Butt

Donald Duck Up

Peggy Bundy Working?!

Donald Duck with his coat

Creepy Masquerade

For the faint of heart, SCROLL QUICKLY!!!!
Hell's Glassy Angel


Cheeta Girl

Waldo, Snookie and Roller Blade Girl Blue


Creepsters 2

Toy Story Jessi

Color Wall

Roller Blade Girl Red



80's Girl

Snookie's rear

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen

Bride of Frankenstein

Edward Scissor Hands

Some of the Gene Juarez clan



Lady Gaga

I'll end on a cute note...
Little Rio!!!

Me and Rio the Leopard! <3

I hope you have a safe and wonderful Halloween!!!!


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Disclaimer!!! Don't Do This at Home!!!

Because I do hair for a living, I get bored with my own hair. So to change up my hair for fall, I've gone to the darker side. ( I do not recommend you doing this at home) I couldn't get anyone at work to take my hair challenge on, so I did what any impatient hairstylist would do and took matters into my own hands.

My natural hair color is primarily dark brown thanks to my Dad. But, thanks to my Mom, I got blue eyes and thanks to both of parental figures, I got a fair complexion and lots of gray hair. What this means for me is that I can be either blonde or brunette. I've been working my way lighter and lighter, which I have enjoyed. But, when I get the itch, it needs to be scratched...

Before, me as a blonde...

With brassy roots and grow out...

Close up...yes I have lots of gray :(

Here's once I got all the color on. I made sure to wrap a few of my highlights up in foils so that I could keep some dimension and lightness around my face.

It's getting darker!!!

This is one of the many reasons you don't do this at home...Unless you don't like your bathroom wall color, and then it might give you an excuse to tackle a project of a different kind :)

I did spray some Clorox cleanup on the door to help lighten up my mess making skills.

Trying to keep my mess to a minimum...

Ok..back story on the Kitchen gloves...I didn't have any latex gloves, so, I used the next best thing. Gotta scratch the itch!!!

Here is the end result...Me as a brunette!!!

You tell me which one you like better!

I know which one I like!!! Nothing feels better than a well scratched itch!

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