Monday, October 25, 2010

Kelli and Peter's Reception

I had the best time getting Kelli ready for her reception! Kelli and Peter got married this past week and had their reception this evening at Georgetown Studios. The party was beautiful and simplistic in style, (my favorite)...Here are some before and during the party pictures...

What you can't see is me doubling as a makeup artist...and I did everything accept for the mascara and lipstick...Those parts kinda scare me :)

End result was a beautiful Kelli with a "Veronica Lake" inspired do.

The beautiful Georgetown Studios...

I loved all the candles and the simplicity of the decor.

Smoked Pear and Prosciutto... Yum!

 Kelli talking with one of her guests.

Kelli and Peter, I wish you much love and happiness in your journey together!!! 
Thanks for having me be a a part of your special day! 


  1. Thanks for helping me to feel like a queen. You're the best Jaclyn. Thanks!

  2. Kelly looked amazing that day....(big applaud)


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