Monday, October 18, 2010

Urban Unveiled

This past Thursday evening was Urban Unveiled! The theme this year was "Woodland Glamour". Paying tribute to the North West. SEVEN has been a happily involved at this high end wedding show for the past 4 years.  I have to say, 2010, was the best year yet!!! There were well over 600 attendees and all the vendors had amazing displays that fit the theme of the evening. The fashion show that Luly Yang puts on every years was truly amazing this year. Below are some of the behind the scene shots as well as some of the vendor and end of evening shots.

In my haste, (Rrrrrrrr!), I forgot to bring my camera with me. I know...I tend do this more than I would like. So bear with my pictures because they were taken with my Blackberry and in the process of posting, got stretched a little weird...Enjoy if you can!!! :)

 Some of the Team looking over the balcony at Benaroya Hall.

 Over looking the very top balcony at all the vendor displays.

 Part of SEVEN's set up.

 Gift Bags to give away...which I think we gave away in the first 30 minutes.

 True Colors Events display. These are the guys that put this awesome show each year.

 The banners that everyone has over their display area.

Creative Ice doing their thing... All I can say is...AMAZING and HOW COOL!

 EVEN more COOL!!!

 Trophy Cupcakes = YUMMY!!!

 Model time!

 Kepping in theme with "Woodland Glamour", we used glittery spanish moss looking pieces.

 Do you now hard it is to get glitter off you once it has decided to take up residence on your clothes???

 All the girls with Luly Yang, the designer.

 Pretty girls!

Snap shot by Richard Drews, one of our fabulous team members. Thanks Richard!

If you are planning on getting married in the greater Seattle area, it is a MUST to see this show next year!!!! Can't wait! Makes me want to plan a wedding...

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