Sunday, October 10, 2010

Make up guru!

Let me introduce you to Kirk Mills! This is why you should know this man...He is an expert in all things cosmetic and what you should be wearing this season! Kirk has been in the beauty industry for 21 years and is currently the "Personal Shopper" in Nordstrom cosmetics. What I find ingenious about what Kirk does, is that he is able to pull from all lines that Nordstrom carries. Which means more products!!!

Kirk's Top 3 favorite makeup lines to work with are...
~Trish McEvoy 

Kirk was kind enough to spend an hour after work with me and let me be his guinea pig for what is in this season. For this post, we stuck to a dramatic red lip and soft winged eye. Have a look below...

~Kirk starts off by using 'Touche Eclat' YSL concealer. You always want the concealer to be a little lighter   to brighten under eye circles.

Next, Kirk applies Goldmine by MAC over the Chanel base. He then applies MAC Mulch which is a brown eyeshadow to the crease of my eye.

Next was the use of an eyelash curler for a total of 10 seconds. I'm glad he could find my eyelashes! Kirk also applied a Trish McEvoy cheek color called Peony Pink.

Then Trish McEvoy mascara is applied. This happens to be my favorite mascara in the world!!! :)

Before the Lip Liner, in Rouge was applied, a very sheer amount of concealer was used so the liner wouldn't bleed. Don't go over board on the concealer, otherwise your red lips will turn pink.

After the liner, then the lip color, Chanel lip laquer, in Dragon, was used to fill in the rest of my lips.

Kirk used a lip brush to ensure that the line was perfect.

 Next was lining my eyes with a flat brush and Laura Mercier liner in Black Ebony. Kirk used a technique called "tight lining".

The last step was adding a Chanel Glossimer called "Myriade". The perfect amount of shimmer and gloss!

At the very end of our time together, Kirk showed me this AMAZING must have, called the Clarisonic Opal. 
I was complaining about the fine lines under my eyes and within mere moments they had faded away!!! You will have to get one or at least put it on your Holiday wish list!!! You won't be disappointed!!! Definitely a worth while investment against the war on wrinkles.

Thanks again Kirk for all the information and beauty tips! Not to mention my new look.
If you live in the Seattle area and would like to make an appointment or just stop by and say hi to Kirk, here is how you get  a hold of him...(206) 628.1095. 

Have fun and play with color!!!

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  1. LOVE The photo of you looking in to the mirror ;) Very Pretty!


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