Friday, October 1, 2010

Paper Dolls Fashion Show

Paper Dolls Fashion Show was last night and it was so amazing and inspiring. Wendy Wood, the events planner for the evening, out did herself. The show was presented in historical Georgetown at Georgetown Studios, which in itself brings lots of rustic and historical charm to the forefront.

Our team arrived at 4:30pm and we were off running. We only had 5 models for the evening, so that meant that all of the hair could have an editorial and couture feeling. One of my favorite kinds of hair!

Let me back up a moment and give you a little background on this show because it was definitely not your everyday runway show. All 6 gowns were made by Luly Yang who is Seattle's go to gal for women/men couture wear for brides/grooms and any formal gala you can think of. She is truly talented at her craft. These 6 gowns were constructed out of canvas. Three of the dresses had been painted by Seattle's very on Jimmy Gersen, who is also a very talented artist and has a passion for the dramatic.

The three dresses that had not been painted beforehand got the royal treatment for the evening. The models would come out one at a time and stand on a beautiful runway while Jimmy Gersen would paint the dresses live in front of all the guests. All 6 were then auctioned off to raise money for Treehouse, who's mission is to help children that are in foster care receive the basic needs and wants of all children.

John Curly was the ever energetic auctioneer for the evening. Boy, can that guy move around a stage and get people to bid on everything. He's got a gift :)

Here are some of the behind the scene shots...

 Erin Johnson from MAC and her team did phenomenal makeup for the models. Very edgy.

 A shot of the stage where the painting happens.

Moving shots of Jimmy doing his thing.

 One of the models who came off stage so that her dress could dry in front of the fan.

At the end Josie Bissett wore the final dress of the evening.

Josie all rock-in-rolled up!

The evening was a success for all that were involved and we are already excited about next year's show!

Just a little reminder, I will be headed to the gulf coast tonight!!! Yay! But, that means that I will be away from my computer. Boo! See you when I get back to the NW! :)


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