Friday, April 22, 2011

Earth Day...I'm a little late :)

I am so excited for 3 reason's today...

1. Today was sunny and beautiful..It makes my heart smile :)
2. It's Earth Day...even if there is only  2 hours left.
3. I have enlisted a very special person to write today's post. She is near and dear to my heart and she is on her way to being an amazing stylist. So without further ado, I introduce to you, Blake.

Spring Trends (Part I)

Happy Earth Day, everyone!
First of all, I would like to mention that this is Jaclyn’s assistant from SEVEN, (though I’m sure she could use one for her everyday life, seeing as she’s constantly on the move) Blake. I would like to take this opportunity to express how amazing it’s been working with such an incredibly driven woman.  Her work ethic, and honest care for her clients and career constantly remind me of why I am in this business and remind me to push myself to a new level every day, as she does.  Since I’m sure this is embarrassing my humble mentor, I will move on to some fun spring trends that will brighten up our gray Seattle days.

Being able to wear a nail color that makes my pale, vitamin D deprived skin look like its glowing makes me feel incredible. It also brightens up a colorless outfit just as well as any accessory & is a constant, colorful reminder that summer is just around the corner. Of course there are other options than Dior’s electric tropics collection, but these are one of my favorites (due to their names reminding me of being under a palm tree somewhere.)


Anything with lily, jasmine, rose, violet, honeysuckle or gardenia. These beautiful scents will add life to any drab day. Marc Jacobs’ new fragrance contains, not only some of these floral scents, but adds some grapefruit and raspberry, for a little crisp edge. And really, anything in such a cute bottle is bound to add a spring to your step ;)

And last for today,

Last year, everyone was wearing a high, ballerina-esque bun, but this spring it’s more of a loose, flowing style. Center parts, slightly undone pieces in the front, and lots of twists and turns in the back. And of course, backcombing will add a little bit of drama, and a ‘night’ feel to this cute trend. (Backcombing ‘HOW TO’, soon to come!)

I hope these tips inspire you to go out feeling beautiful and refreshed, glowing and letting off your own sunshine.

Thank you Blake for a lovely post! 
I hope everyone has a wonderful day!

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