Monday, April 25, 2011

Lash Dip

Ok, I'm so excited to tell you about a little beauty secret that I have come across that seems relatively new to the lash world called LASHDIP. I have personally not had this done but for those who already have amazing lashes and those who don't want to put on mascara everyday but like the look without the runny, smudgy, clumpy look; we may have found you the perfect beauty secret. Right now, because this is new to the beauty scene, it isn't available everywhere. In the state of Washington, I can only find 2 spas that carry it. On Lashdip's website it gives you a directory of who are educated and trained in your state to apply Lashdip.

The one thing that I absolutely love about this product is that it can be applied to the lower lashes as well. With traditional eye lash extensions that is not a common practice. I just spoke with my lash extension gal and she thinks it can be  a great pairing with lash extensions. It can help out the lower lashes better blend with the top extension lashes. I'm all for it! 

You can find out all the info you will ever need to know at Lashdip's website here.

Have fun glamouring yourself up!


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