Tuesday, August 31, 2010

How to Care for Color Treated Hair

Almost every woman I know, even some men, have colored their hair at some point in time. Whether you are trying to enhance your natural God given color,( most women have no idea what that is :), cover gray or have highlights, there are definitely tips to help prevent fading and help keep your color looking fresh until your next appointment. Not to mention, keeping your money from going down the drain!
  • If possible, wait at least 48-72 hours to shampoo your hair after having your color done.
  • Only use sulfate free shampoos and conditioners on your hair. Sulfates are detergents to help create lather in shampoos. Sulfates remove color molecules right out of the hair shaft which results in fading.
  • Do not use super hot water on your hair. This causes the cuticle to swell and all your color will go down the drain. Literally.
  • Condition your hair with a conditioner made for your hair type...this applies to fine hair too. If you fall into the" fine hair" category and are nervous that your hair will fall limp, only apply to your ends and not at the scalp. After conditioning, rinse your hair in a cooler water temperature. This helps close the cuticle which promotes shine and reduces fading.
  • If you color your hair red, auburn, chestnut, copper, strawberry, anything that could be in the "red, orange or violet" family, try to go a couple days between shampooing. Same goes for resistant gray or gray hair that fades quickly.
  • Try using hair powder or a dry shampoo to help absorb excess oils and add volume to your hair instead of shampooing everyday. 
  • You can rinse and use a conditioner on your hair, but try to limit shampooing to every other day.
  •  When shampooing, keep the shampoo off your ends. Your scalp is what needs to be cleaned, not the ends of your hair, unless you have product build up.
  • If you have any color on your hair, DO NOT use a clarifying shampoo. This will strip the color out of your hair. If you must use a clarifying shampoo, make sure to do so closer to your next color appointment.
  • If your hair is over-processed, damaged or breaking, ask your colorist about re-constructive treatments. Most professionals will have a line or products designated to help rebuild and reconstruct the hair shaft, which will minimize breakage.
  •  After shampooing and conditioning, spray Seal liberally all over the hair. Seal is a SEVEN product that helps seal in moisture, (hence the name :), and closes the cuticle to reduce fading.
  • In the spring and summer keep sun exposure to a minimum. Ultra violet light is a killer for colored hair.
  • If you love to swim, try to keep your hair from absorbing chlorine by wetting your hair down before entering the pool. 

Happy Coloring!!!

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