Monday, August 30, 2010

The Big Day/Night Part 1

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Yesterday and last night were amazing and a HUGE success!!! I'm pretty sure this was our best show yet. The Creative Team was definitely on it's "A" game and it showed :)

We started around 11am at Bellevue SEVEN for our 8pm show. Lots of work and planning go into these shows. It is almost like planing a wedding. Months of meetings and going over every detail...only to be over in 30 minutes once it starts. And like most weddings, it's always worth it in the end.

All the models were wonderful to work with. Without boring you to tears on all the details, we had 30 models all together. 10 of which are non-professional and 10 of which are professional. All that means is that the 10 pros have runway experience and they are signed with the agency TCM. We also had 5 male models and 5 pedestal models.

The pedestal models are one of my favorites to work on because they get over the top creative hair. Each of the girl's hair represented a city:  

Seattle, London, New York, Tokyo and Paris.
Richard working on the London look
Dani receiving the Paris look
Yuriko for Tokyo

Getting hair prepared for Jade
Evan curling wefts

Evan working on braids for the Seattle look

Masumi and Evan prepping hair wefts
Noah creating the "I love NY" heart on Jade

While the Pedestal models were getting their BIG do's...the 10 non pro models were getting their hair cut and colored. They either represented Tokyo or London down the runway.

Color time
Antonio and Richard at work

Processing color
Jodi being a trooper

Tony working his magic


Here are some of the final looks before show time
Yuriko proudly representing Tokyo
Nicole working London
Me with Yuriko and Jeana
The London and Tokyo Models dressed and ready to go!
The entire day ran pretty smoothly. We did have 1 model that came down with a stomach bug, but we saved face and our very own Masumi filled in and walked the runway. A special thank you to Masumi for being the ultimate team player! :)

More runway and backstage shots later...


  1. High Fashion indeed, love the big hair and working a big show is a lot of work but what lights our artistic fire, right? Great post

  2. @Gina, Thank you! Lots of work more importantly, lots of fun!


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