Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Break Time

Mt. Baker
After working 10 hours today, I thought I should take a break from thinking and organizing our upcoming show on Sunday. This is the view that greeted me off my living room balcony...Begging to be in a picture. Mt. Baker in all it's glory!

My friend, Phil and I, scored tickets to the 1st play off game the other night while dining at a local Thai restaurant. Storm vs. Sparks. We struck up a conversation with the gentleman next to us. Steve Smith is his name and women's basketball is his game. Coach Smith, (the head assistant coach for the LA Sparks), left two tickets at will call for us, so we took him up on his offer. Thank you Coach Smith :)

We headed out the door just in time for the fire alarm to be going off somewhere in the building...

Just a false alarm...Thank goodness.

Onto the Monorail where I got to play tourist in my own city.

Finally, game time and boy did Storm bring it!!!

Lauren Jackson
Beat LA!


 Sue Bird

The game was awesome! The Storm WON!!! Sorry Coach Smith but thanks for the tickets!!!

On the way back to the Monorail, I took some pics of the space needle. It just so happens to also be a full moon, so it made for some nice pictures.

Full moon by the space needle  

Now, after a great game and a beautiful evening...I'm off to bed to dream about hair ;)

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  1. Beautiful pictures! Glad to see you aren't working ALL the time! What caused the fire alarm to go off?
    Your worried Mom


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