Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Pineapple Express

A Little Weather Lesson

Here in the Pacific Northwest, we are experiencing the "Pineapple Express". For those who are not familiar with this weather phenomenon, it's quite simple and somewhat interesting. Click here for a satellite image of the P. Express that has been happening more recently in the past few years.

Basically what this means for the good people of the NW, is we get tons of rain and lots of frizzy hair as a by-product of all the wetness in the air.

What does one do to help relieve all this unwelcome frizz???...

You either go with the flow, literally...or you pull out a arsenal of product and cross your fingers. 

My personal way of dealing is using the flat iron subtly to give the hair a slight wavy look, (seen as how it will end up that way), or add some anti- frizz serum to enhance an already wavy or curly look. 

Another great way to deal with the frizz is to put your hair up or at the very least, clip out of your way. I found these great clips on Etsy by Baubles-n-Bows.

Either way, just like the weather, sometimes you can't predict the hair. Chances are, you are better to go with the flow, instead of against. Don't forget your umbrella or your paddle!!!


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