Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Fabulous Short Hair Styles

I absolutely love love love short hair on women. For the most part, long hair is the style to attain for right now. If you watch any of the prime time gossip shows or read any gossip magazines, most women have long wavy tresses. I'm included in that category. :) Long hair is pretty easy to take care of given your are able to take the time to style your hair. However, one of the things that I LOVE about short hair is the lack of time it takes to style. Hopefully, it only takes a woman with shorter hair, a fraction of the time to blowdry and get out the door. The most appealing shorter styles to me are below...

Sienna Miller
This is great style that even though is short, is still kept feminine. This works on finer textures of hair.

This is all about softness and elegance.

Carey Mulligan

Carey Mulligan

Carey's hair looks great in a pixie and in the grown out version as well. Here again, it's all about texture and softness.

Gennifer Goodwin
Gennifer's hair shows off her striking features. Because she has soft features she can get away with a more severe version of the pixie haircut. It's all about balance.


Emma Watson even jumped on the Pixie haircut bandwagon. 

Sharon Stone

Sharon Stone has always had the BEST short hair. Effortless softness and texture.

Maybe one day, I too will jump back on the short hair bandwagon. The key is to keep it soft and feminine and to have fun!


  1. I Almost choked as i thought the first photo was you and i was about to say Holy WOW way to go.... but now im just waiting ;)

  2. Love the first photo. Great Hair Cut and great Hair Style.
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