Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Behind the Scenes 8th Anniversary Party!

Ok...A little delayed; only because Seattle is supposed to be having "Snowapocolapse" for the past 2 days. Barely any snow here but on with the show! Everyone had such an amazing time and everyone was unbelievably receptive to the new logo and packaging!!!! It made for an awesome night at the Baltic Room.  Here are a few pics while getting the models ready for the presentation...

Tony being very focused

Evan plotting out what he will be saying

Making a cushion

I just thought this was a funny pic :)

Me, breaking my cardinal rule of not putting hair accessories in my mouth

You have no idea how long it took me to get a decent ponytail

After I crimped and back brushed Kelcey's ponytail

2 nets over the ponytail and now working on the front section

Evan working out how he will be achieving the Cornucopia look on Breoni

It all starts with a well done base

And a lot of humor

Make up time

Stacy's amazing shoes

Richard prepping the hair

Tony doing the details

And it's off...

Headband for a little control

Antonio doing his thing

Everyone at work

And it's getting bigger...

Lindsay going for grey

A little mini crimper action

Make up look

This is right before the show started at 8pm...

Breoni showing off the Cresent look

Final touches before show time!....

We had such a great time!!! More pics to follow later. As well as video!!!! Take care and I'll be posting more soon!!! :)


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