Sunday, February 20, 2011

8th Anniversary Party

 Good Morning!!!! Such a beautiful day in Seattle this morning. Just a little teaser letting us know that spring is right around the corner. Hopefully this sunshine will last through the evening tonight where SEVEN has a great party planned in celebration of our 8th year in business. What an amazing 8 years it has been. When I first started with the company a little over 7 years ago, I was the 7th person hired in a 10 chair salon and in just this short time we have grown into 2 salons, over 100 stylists, and all together have just at 200 employees. Pretty amazing!

Each year we celebrate our successes as a company and this year is no exception. Tonight is about the unveiling of our new packaging for our product line, our new logo and our new website that all will be launched in late spring. It has been a lot of hard work and a lot of behind the scenes efforts, and being that I got have a sneak preview, I can tell you that all of it is AWESOME!

The Creative Team also gets to play a role in tonight's festivities and lets just say we are extremely excited to play such an integral part! Many pictures to come of pre-party action as well as during the celebration. Most likely this will event will be broken up into a few different posts!

Again, enjoy your Sunday where ever you are! Be back soon with tons of pics!!!!


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