Friday, March 25, 2011

New Do!!!!

I am extremely aware at how popular long wavy hair is. It's gorgeous and amazing and wonderfully feminine. I have worn this look for the last 3 years. It's one that doesn't seem to want to go away, with reasons that I am sure that I could fill a post with :). However, yesterday, I reached my breaking point! It had to go and right then. Thanks to one of my best friends and co-workers, Shelli Martin, I now am "ROCKING" the most adorable short hair! I haven't had hair this short since I was 22 and let's just say that was a while ago! ;)

I thought it would be fun to post some pictures of what my hair has looked like just since I started this blog last August...The results are pretty fun. It's interesting how I think that my own hair doesn't change very much...But, I guess I am wrong. It changes way more than I ever thought it did. That is one of the wonderful things about hair...Two actually. The first being that hair does grow. {Otherwise I would be out of business along with the rest of the hair world} Secondly, our hair is one of our accessories. Just like you don't usually wear the earrings, necklace, handbag, shoes, etc...everyday, you can change up your hair to reflect who you are at that moment.

Have fun looking at these pics and I hope that they might just be inspiring "enough", to create some sort of hair change for you! {Even if it is a small one!}

Blonde longer hair from when I started the blog.

Enter, blonde extensions, which I loved! So fun!

 A fun little side braid that I would sport with the extensions.

The, OMG, "I don't have any hair now that my extensions are out and I need to make a change ", look.

The result after doing my color in my bathroom. {I still don't recommend this!}

Me and Noah after a Nordstrom show.

Me presenting my model at our 8th anniversary party.

One of the haircuts that inspired my new look...

Shelli in the process of making it look fab!!!

And, now, MY NEW DO!!!!

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my hair!!! Thank you Shelli! You are the best and you are amazingly talented...Especially seeing as how I "pressured" you into cutting my hair! Love you!

Have a wonderful day everyone!!!!


  1. You Know J it's AMAZING and BEAUTIFUL and i am in awe of your self confidence to just go for such a huge change in an instant. YOU ROCK And your hair is ADORABLE!!!!! :)

  2. Good writing now I am following you yves xx

  3. What a transformation - I love it! But you know I always loved your hair when it was short!

  4. Jac
    You look outrageously extraordinary...& you are quite accurate in your definition of my amazing wifey...thanks for being her great friend...

  5. OMG!! I passed a girl yesterday while shopping at Target and almost stalked her to look at her amazeballs haircut that looked like your new fab do!! I miss looking like a hairstylist, maybe I need to get over my RHOP (real housewife of pasadena) long hair look and cut it!


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