Monday, March 14, 2011

Old Vidal Sassoon Clippings

I thought I would share these clippings, one because I just saw "Vidal Sassoon the Movie", and two because they are pretty cool. I've now been in this industry for 16 years and have always been in awe of the Sassoon technique it self. To me this technique of cutting is about discipline, precision and artistry.  There are many different ways and techniques to cutting hair, but this is THE one that revolutionized the hair industry. One man, Vidal Sassoon, with his vision and passion paved the way for all of the hairstylists today, whether they use the technique or not. 

If you are at all interested in the beauty world, I hope that you watch this movie. 
Clearly inspiring and wonderfully interesting.

{Grace Coddington and Vidal Sassoon}

Enjoy your Monday!


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  1. Absolutely fabulous pics and post, loved the movie too!
    Happy Weekend, xx


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