Monday, August 29, 2011

2011 MTV's VMA

It was a music star studded evening last night at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles. Everyone from Lady Gaga, in drag, to Katie Holmes was either performing or presenting. Below are a few of the evening's fashions...

Adele's hair here, matches the intensity and bigness of her voice. 
I personally love the throw back style on her.

Beyonce showing off her baby bump!

 Justin Bieber's new style, which I am not particularly fond of. 
I actually prefer his signature cut compared to this one.

While I would never choose this color for myself, I think it is very well done. 
Even the style is flawless. It works for Katy.

Nicki Minaj...Is there anything else to say?...

If you missed the show last night you can get all the highlights on  I hope you enjoy your day!!!!


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