Thursday, May 26, 2011

Happy Birthday Shelli Martin!

Today is Shelli Martin's Birthday!!! 

There is so much I want say about this awe inspiring friend of mine...

First and fore most, Shelli is an incredibly devoted wife to her husband Paul and mother to their two kids Madeleine and Riley. If kids happen to be in my future, she WILL BE my role model and mentor. She and Paul have raised some of the best teenagers I have know :) Family is everything to her.

Second, Shelli is an amazing friend and confidant to everyone around her. She has this ability to always make you feel heard but also tell you the truth...whether you want to hear it or not. :) To Shelli, it's her duty to not only help others, but to EMPOWER those around her.

Shelli's laugh is contagious and priceless and she is one of the best story tellers I know. She is a beautiful person inside and out. Her favorite thing in life is to laugh with those closest to her! Not to mention giving and getting presents! She loves everything sparkly! :)

{Shelli, I hope you are having a wonderful Birthday! Bring back the sun and warmth from your well deserved vacation...Love you much! Tell Paul Happy Birthday too! You guys are the best!!!!}


1 comment:

  1. Yep Shelli is a fantastic friend to us all, always happy to bump into her (QFC) Happy Birthday! GM


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